The Bremen Town Musicians

The Bremen Town Musicians Story For Kids, The Bremen Town Musicians Story For Kids In English.

The Bremen Town Musicians Story

Once upon a time there was a peasant who had a donkey. This donkey worked for very long years to serve its owner by carrying lots of flour and weights. But over the years, the donkey grew old and lost its strength. Realizing that he had lost his ability to work around the farm, one morning he left the farm and set out on a long journey. He was thinking of going to Bremen and singing for a living. On his way. he came across a hunting dog lying on the road. “What the hell are you doing lying like that?” asked the donkey. The dog said, “I lost speed as I got older! I can’t even hunt. He offered to join him in the band and play the drums. The dog liked the offer, so he joined and went with the donkey. Shortly after, they saw a cat sitting on the roof of a house. The cat looked very sad.

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The donkey asked: “Why do you look sad?” The cat replied, “I’m older now!” I don’t have my beautiful sharp teeth. Instead of chasing mice, I sit in front of the fireplace and get lazy. My master kicked me out of the house! The donkey consoled her and told her to join them. The donkey offered him to play the harmonica in the orchestra. She accepted and joined the group. As they passed the farm, they saw a rooster croaking on the fence. The donkey asked the rooster why he was croaking. The rooster said, “Today is my last day!” My master is going to serve me to guests tomorrow! The donkey advised him not to waste his voice like that and invited him to join his group. The rooster liked the offer and went with them. He jumped off the fence and joined their journey. The four hit the road together. They decided to spend a night in the forest. Before sleeping, the rooster snuck up and from the very high point where he was standing he saw a lighthouse.

All got up and started walking where the light was coming from. Finally, they arrived at the lighthouse. Being the tallest of all, the donkey approached the window. The donkey peeked inside and saw lots of food and drink. Everyone started drooling after listening to it. But he told everyone there were four armed burglars at the table. Hearing the word “burglar”, they were all very disappointed. They made a plan to escape the four burglars. The four friends formed a tower by jumping on top of each other. Then, at the donkey’s signal, they all began to sing. When they heard this horrible noise, the burglars jumped in the air in fear. The four friends broke the window and came inside with a big clash! Abandoning their weapons, the burglars left the house in a panic and began running towards the woods.

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The four friends were very happy that everything went as they had planned. They immediately sat down on the table and started eating the delicious food the burglars had left behind. After the meal, they all looked for a comfortable place to get a good night’s sleep because they were very tired. They turned off all the lights and went to bed. It was past midnight now. The burglars saw that there was no light in the house. They sent one of them to check the house. The burglar thought it was very quiet and wanted to turn on the lamp. As soon as he lit the match, the cat jumped on him and scratched his face with his paws, the dog bit his leg.

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Hearing the noise, the rooster woke up and croaked with his lungs and just when the burglar had a chance to escape through the front door, the donkey kicked him very strong with the back of his legs. Abandoned by what has just happened, the burglar flees alongside the others. The burglar said, “There were four monsters in this house that attacked me! All fled without looking behind them and no longer showed the courage to return home. The four musicians from Bremen liked this house very much. So they all gave up the idea of ​​going to Bremen and decided to move in together in this pretty house where they spent all their day singing and making music.