Fox And Grapes

Fox And Grapes Bedtime StoryFox And Grapes Bedtime Story In English.

Fox And Grapes Story

Once upon a time, there was a furry fox in the forest. He wandered through the forest in search of food.

“I’m so hungry. I need something to eat,” the Fox thought to himself.

The fox passed by a vineyard, but did not know what it was. exclaimed the Fox, walking forward a little, but stopping when he smelled delicious grapes. There are so many grapes in this vineyard. I’m salivating!” Lis was surprised.

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The fox looked at the vine and drooled. The fox jumped towards the grapes, but the grapes were too tall for him. He tried and tried, but his efforts were in vain. He tried again, and this time he was going to touch the grapes, but he failed again.

“Oh! I’m so tired. These grapes are too tall! I can’t get to them at any cost.” Tired Fox said.

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He sat there and thought for a long time about how to get these grapes. He suddenly stood up and said to himself: “Perhaps these grapes are sour. Actually, I don’t like grapes. Why should I try so hard for them?”

The fox couldn’t reach the grapes and so ran away making excuses. But his stomach kept growling with hunger and he had to go without everything. So the fox had to leave empty-handed because he had just found an excuse.

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Fox And Grapes Story Moral

You will not achieve your goals if you give up making excuses.