Unity Is Strength

Unity Is Strength Story For Kids, Unity Is Strength Story For Kids In English.

Unity Is Strength Story

A group of pigeons lived in a large tree in the forest. And under the same tree lived a rat. The head of the pigeons and the rat were fat friends. One day a rat came to the elder pigeon and told him that he had to go to a neighboring town. He invited the chief pigeon there. Having said this, the rat left.

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One day, as usual, doves flew high into the sky in search of food. Suddenly, one of the pigeons screamed and said, “Hey, just look down! Scattered a good amount of grains. Let’s eat them.” The older pigeon told them all not to go there as there were no fields nearby. The head pigeon felt that there was something fishy.

Another dove said, “Our head always doubts everything and everything. I’ll go and eat.” Then all the pigeons flocked to eat the grains. The lead pigeon followed them. All the pigeons realized that they could not move their legs. All of them are in the network. The head pigeon said, “If you had listened to me, we would not have been in such trouble.”

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After a long discussion, they all decided to fly together in order to fly out of the network and reach the nearby town where the rat was staying. The rat will help them escape from the net. All the pigeons listened to what the head told there, and together with the net flew to the nearest city. The head pigeon called the rat, and the rat was ready to save them.

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The rat ran out and brought all the other rats. They all cut the net with their sharp teeth. And in a few seconds, they were all free. The head pigeon thanked the rat. The rat invited everyone to dinner. The rats and doves feasted very well and enjoyed the day together.

Unity Is Strength Story Moral

Unity Is Strength.