The Tiger’s Stripes

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The Tiger’s Stripes Story For Kids, The Tiger’s Stripes Story For Kids In English.

The Tiger’s Stripes Story

This incident happened in a small village when all animals still had the power to speak. In a jungle near a village lived a mighty tiger. He had no stripes and had a beautiful golden coat. He slipped to the edge of the jungle, near the field where the rice grew. A man was sitting under a tree and a buffalo had just stopped to rest after plowing the fields. The tiger watched the buffalo chase some flies away from him with its tail.

He wondered why the bison was working for the little man. Curious, the tiger slowly crept into the fields. Using its strong arms and legs, the tiger slipped behind the buffalo. He made sure the farmer didn’t notice the tiger. When the tiger was near the buffalo, he told the buffalo not to be afraid. “I’m not here to satisfy my hunger,” he then continued, telling her he was just curious. The tiger told the buffalo that he wondered how a man could control the beast. The man had no strength in his arms and his legs were weak. Even the teeth of man were not sharp while the buffalo was mightier than man, yet the buffalo worked for man. “From my own experience, I know you are very strong. In the jungle, I saw buffaloes fighting with more powerful animals,” said the tiger to the buffalo.

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Then he added that he had been told that humans could control animals bigger and stronger than themselves through wisdom. “I want to know what wisdom is. What does wisdom look like? How does it smell?” he asked the buffalo. The buffalo munched lazily at the grass and replied, “How should I know? Why don’t you go ask him? Disappointed, the tiger knew he would get no response from the buffalo, he decided to go to the farmer. With a mighty leap, the tiger was in front of the farmer. Seeing the tiger suddenly, the farmer was very scared. He remained frozen in his place. Tiger told the farmer that he was not there to eat him. He wanted to know more about wisdom. The tiger had been looking for wisdom but knew nothing about it.

The man was relieved when he learned that the tiger would not devour him. He wiped the sweat from his brow before answering the tiger, “Wisdom is very precious. Do I really have to give it to you? ‘It’s yours, little man,’ he said to the farmer. Then he added that the rumble the man could hear was the stomach of the tiger. He had neither eaten nor slept for three days. The question of wisdom had haunted the t sour. The farmer could really hear the tiger’s stomach; the clever farmer had a brilliant idea. Then he told the tiger that he forgot his wisdom at home that day. It would be better if the farmer came back and brought it to him.

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Also, he asked the tiger to stay in the field. How frightened the villagers would be if the tiger accompanied him to the village. The tiger did not trust the farmer. He surrounded the farmer with a very dangerous look on his face. So the tiger agreed with the man, told him that the tiger would stay near the fields. The farmer had only taken a few steps when he turned around and told the tiger that he wasn’t sure he could leave a hungry tiger with his animals. He told the tiger that he would feel safer when the tiger was tied up. The man said that if the tiger agreed, he could bring his wisdom in peace. The tiger was afraid that the man would change his mind about sharing his wisdom. But then the tiger thought what he would do after gaining wisdom from this man. He would rule over the entire jungle. So he agreed to be tied up. The man wrapped a thick rope around the tiger and tied it to a tree trunk. After that, the man returned home, satisfied. Soon the farmer returned with hay. He threw the hay around the tiger and said, “That’s my wisdom.” And then he set fire to the haystacks. The tiger roars in pain.

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Huge flames sprang up and surrounded the tiger. Soon the fire broke through the ropes and the tiger was free again. He jumps up and runs away. When the tiger cooled, its color had changed. Over time, the tiger’s wounds healed but his color never returned. The tiger was now striped black and orange. The parts where the rope had tied him were black, and the other parts had turned orange.