The Potter

The Potter Short Story, The Potter Short Story In English.

The Potter Story

Once upon a time there was a poor potter who lived in a village. One night on his way home, he tripped over some pots and cut his forehead. His wound took a long time to heal and left a large scar. A few days later, he meets some men who serve the king in his court. The potter soon began to go to court with his new friends. One day the king noticed the potter in his court with the scar on his forehead and thought that this man must be a brave warrior. So the king decided to make him one of the most important soldiers of his kingdom.

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The potter was extremely happy and proud of himself. One day, the king called all his soldiers and gave them arms to go to war. As the potter was not a real soldier, he was afraid to go there. Seeing no other option, the potter went to the king and told him the truth. The king was angry and ordered the potter to be punished. He pleaded with the king that he has qualities and bravery to prove he is a soldier. The king told him that he might have the qualities of a soldier, but since he was not a real soldier, his other comrades laughed at him. So it was better if he left. The potter understood what the king was trying to say. A wiser man has gone.

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The Potter Story Moral

You Should Never Try To Be Like Someone You Are Not, You Should Be Happy With What You Are And Can Do.