The Heron

The Heron Story

Once a beautiful heron was walking along the river bank. It had a long, thin neck that held its long, sharp beak like a weapon to pierce fish.

The river was full of various fish such as carp, pike, tench, and many others. It was so easy to fish there that the Heron could make a lot of profit if he fished!

However, the heron did not find this fish suitable for eating. “What is a carp, pike, or tench for a heron!” I can’t eat such a mean fish, said the Heron.

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Then he saw the Snail approaching and was furious at the sight of it. “I will never open my beak if the gods offer me such pitiful food,” he said proudly.

After some time, the fish in the river died from some mysterious disease. The heron did not eat a single fish. He was very hungry and wished he could get something to eat.

So much so that the once fussy heron was delighted with the snail and quietly ate it!

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The Heron Story Moral

If you are proud and choosy in life, you can lose even the simplest things.

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