The Farmer And The Crow Story

The Farmer And The Crow Story

The farmer and his wife lived in the countryside. The farmer grew vegetables on his farm. His wife sold them in the market.

One day the farmer’s wife went to the market to sell vegetables. With the money she earned from selling vegetables, she bought some eggs.

She then mounted a horse to return home and carried a basket full of eggs on her knees. She was very excited about the profit made during the day.

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The farmer’s wife drove carelessly and dreamed of what she would buy with the money. All of a sudden, all the eggs in the basket fell to the ground and broke.

The farmer’s wife was very unhappy. She blamed the crow, which perched on a tree branch and screamed loudly. She screamed, “Fool! Why are you making so much noise? I was surprised to hear your unpleasant voice, and therefore all the eggs were broken.

The crow replied, “Mistress, you were careless while riding and lost yourself in your thoughts. You must not blame me for your fault!”

The farmer’s wife was ashamed of her behavior. She realized her mistake and apologized to the crow.

The Farmer And The Crow Story Moral

Don’t blame others for your own mistakes.

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