The Elephant And The Animals

The Elephant And The Animals Story

The animals in Happy Valley were sad. They were all concerned that some beings were unkind to others. A strong, kind elephant was their leader, so the animals ran up to him and told him everything.

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The elephant wanted to know which animals are bad. So he called the animals to a meeting and told them to stop their bad habits. Being lazy, cruel, selfish, or jealous can spoil the happiness of the entire forest.

All the gentle animals such as the dog, camel, sheep, dove, ant, and bee listened attentively to the words of the elephant. They nodded in agreement. However, animals such as the tiger, wolf, snake, wasp, hornet, fly, grasshopper, and monkey became very angry at the words of the elephant.

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These animals were cruel and vicious towards weaker animals. They grumbled and muttered loudly.

The elephant called for silence.

Then He continued, “I have given advice to everyone here, but only a few of you were happy to listen to me!” He explained that those who agreed with his advice were good animals, but those who were angry at his words were real troublemakers!

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The Elephant And The Animals Moral

Good advice harms those who do wrong.