The Brave Little Tailor

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The Brave Little Tailor Short Story, The Brave Little Tailor Short Story In English. The Brave Little Tailor Short Story In Hindi.

The Brave Little Tailor Story

One summer morning a little tailor was sitting at his table by the window. He was in a good mood and was sewing with all his might. Then came a peasant woman in the street crying,

“Good jams, not expensive!” This sounded pleasant in the tailor’s ears, he stuck his gentle head out the window and cried:

“Come here, dear woman, I’m going to buy a jar!”

“Now this jam will give me strength and health!” cried the little tailor as he took the bread out of the cupboard, cut a piece across the bread and spread the jam on it.

“Now let me finish this jacket before I take a bite out of it,” he said as he put the bread down next to him and sewed the jacket up. In the meantime, the smell of sweet jam has attracted a few flies. He attempted to drive away the uninvited guests. The flies returned in greater numbers.

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Finally, the little tailor lost all patience and pulled a piece of fabric from his work table and said:

“I’ll get you!” struck them mercilessly.

When he pulled back the cloth and counted, there were seven dead flies in front of him, their legs stretched out. The tailor looked at the flies he had killed and couldn’t help but admire his own bravery.

“The whole town will know!” he said.

He hastened to cut himself a belt, to sew it and to embroider it in large letters,

“SEVEN DEATHS AT ONCE! “Now the whole world will hear of this!” he exclaimed.

The tailor put on the belt and decided to go on an adventure to show his bravery. Before leaving, he looked around the house to see if there was anything he could take with him. However, he found nothing but an old cheese which he put in his pocket. In front of the door, there was a small bird, so he decided to take the bird in his pocket as well. Then he took the road that led him to the mountains.

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When he had reached the highest point, he saw a mighty giant staring at him. The giant had haunted the village for years. The little tailor said bravely,

” Hello comrade ! How are you?” The giant looked at the tailor with contempt and said:

“How dare you speak to me, you miserable creature!” The brave little tailor unbuttoned his coat and showed the giant the belt.

“There you can read what kind of man I am,” said the tailor.

The giant took the trunk over his shoulder, but the tailor just sat on the branch and the giant who couldn’t look around took the whole tree away while the little tailor relaxed and whistled.

The giant said, “If you’re such a big boy, come with me to my cave and spend a night.” The tailor agreed and followed him. When they entered the cave, other giants were sitting there by the fire, and each of them had a roast mutton in their hand and was eating it.

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The brave little tailor turned around and thought: “It’s much more spacious here than in my workshop!” The giant showed him a bed and helped him to lie down on it and sleep. The bed, however, was too big for the little tailor. He did not lie there but slipped into a corner.

When it was midnight and the giant thought that the little tailor was sleeping soundly, he got up, took a large iron bar, cut the bed with one blow and thought he had finished a man’s grasshopper for good.

Then he went down to plunder the village. As the villagers fled, fearing the giant, suddenly the little tailor appeared shouting,

“I will destroy you! Wretched giant! The giant thought the little tailor was immortal and fled terrified, never to be seen again. As for the little tailor, he has always been and admired in the village for his great bravery.