An Old Tiger And A Greedy Traveller

An Old Tiger And A Greedy Traveller Story

Once upon a time, there was an old tiger who could no longer hunt. One morning he stood in the lake and held a blade of grass in one paw and a gold bracelet in the other. He shouted: “Ladies and gentlemen! Golden bracelet for charity.

A traveler passing by liked the gold bracelet. However, he was afraid of the tiger.

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The traveler said, “How can I trust that you won’t harm me?”

The tiger replied: “I admit that in my youth I was evil and killed many cows and people. Then the holy man advised me to give alms.

So, now I’m taking a bath and giving away things for charity. Besides, I’m old. My teeth and claws fell out. So what are you afraid of me?”

The traveler believed him and entered the lake, but fell into deep mud.

When the tiger saw this, he consoled him. “Oh! Don’t worry. I’ll help you,” he said, slowly approaching the traveler and grabbing him.

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Shortly thereafter, the tiger killed the traveler and ate him.

An Old Tiger And A Greedy Traveller Story Moral

You should not risk your life on greed.

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