The Story Of Lord Ganesha

The Story Of Lord Ganesha

Once the goddess Parvati, the wife of Lord Shiva, was getting ready for her bath, and she needed someone to guard her chambers.

So she made a beautiful sandalwood boy out of her body. She gave him life by sprinkling him with water from the holy Ganges, and entrusted him to guard the door. While she was gone, Lord Shiva returned and was surprised to find a little boy standing at the entrance to his wife’s quarters.

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When he tried to enter, the boy blocked his path. “Who are you and why are you blocking my path?” – demanded Lord Shiva. β€œNo one enters my mother’s room,” the boy declared boldly. Taken by surprise, Lord Shiva replied, β€œGet away; I have the right to enter my wife’s room.

“But the young and brave boy did not move, but stood his ground. Not knowing that it was his own son, Lord Shiva, who quickly became enraged, became enraged. Not accustomed to disobedience, he cut off the boy’s head.

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The goddess Parvati, returning from the bath, saw that her son was lying dead, and he was seized with grief. She was filled with anger and sadness. Seeing this Lord, Shiva sent his soldiers after the head of the first beast they saw The men rushed and finally stumbled upon the elephant.

They immediately took the head to Lord Shiva, who quickly attached it to the body of the murdered boy and gave him life again. To further pacify his heartbroken wife, he promised that her son would be worshiped first. , and not all other gods.

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Even today at the entrance to all the temples you can find the idol of the god with the head of an elephant, Lord Ganesha.

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