The Couple And Goddess Discord

The Couple And Goddess Discord Story

One day a farmer lived in a village with his wife. They loved each other and never fought.

One day, God threw the Goddess of Discord from Heaven. The goddess, whose name meant dispute and quarrel, made everyone in heaven fight and argue. God knew that if she remained among them, all the people in heaven would continue to fight.

Thus, the Goddess of Strife came down to live on Earth. She entered the farmer’s house and decided to live in it.

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Soon the couple began to quarrel over small things. They quarreled every day and the peace in the house was broken. One day a man decided to kick his wife out of the house.

Discord was very pleased with his success, but God could not see how a beautiful couple was separated. He sent the god of marriage, Hymen, to Earth to settle the matter.

The hymen approached the couple and explained, “Your relationship is getting worse because discord has entered your home. You should not leave room for any arguments and fights in your relationship.”

The couple understood and kicked the Goddess of Discord out of their home. Since then, they both lived in peace and harmony.

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The Couple And Goddess Discord Story Moral

Discord can ruin every relationship.

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