The Miser

Contents Of The Story

The Miser Story

The miser sold everything he had and bought a piece of gold, which he buried in a hole near the old wall and went to look every day.

One of his workers noticed his frequent visits to the site and decided to monitor his movements. He soon discovered the secret of the hidden treasure, dug it up, found a piece of gold, and stole it.

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The miser, on the next visit, discovered that the hole was empty, and began to pull out his hair and utter loud lamentations.

The neighbor, seeing that he was overcome by grief, and knowing the reason, said: “Pray, do not grieve so; but go take a stone and put it in the hole, and pretend that the gold is still there.

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It will help you. Exactly the same service; because when gold was, you did not have it, because you did not use it in the least. “