The Tickling Scales

The Tickling Scales Story

One day, a set of floor scales appeared in the jungle. The animals played with him for quite some time, until a parrot who had escaped from the zoo explained to them how it works. All animals were weighed in turn. At first, it was a big game.

Every day each animal saw how much weight it gained or lost. However, many animals soon began to obsess over their weight. The first thing they will do every day is run to the scale, weigh themselves and spend the rest of the day with a sullen expression on their faces. This is because no matter what the scales said, the animals always weighed the same, in other words: “more than they wanted.”

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Months passed and the scales began to experience the disapproval of the animals. Libra regularly kicked or cast venomous glances. One day, the scales decided that everything should change from the next morning. That morning, the zebra was the first to run to be weighed.

However, as soon as she stood on the scales, the scales began to tickle the zebra’s hooves. Soon the scales found the right place and the zebra couldn’t stop giggling. It was so much fun for the zebra that from that day on she was no longer worried about her weight and went off happily to have breakfast for the first time in centuries.

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The same thing happened to everyone who went to weigh in that day… So soon no one was worried about their weight anymore. Rather, they all commented on how funny the scales and their tickling were. As months and years passed, the scale stopped showing weight and instead began to show a good mood and optimism.

Soon everyone was happy to find that this is a much better indicator of the beauty and value of a person. Finally, in the jungle, everyone forgot about this outdated and old-fashioned unit of measurement, known as the kilogram.

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