The Drawing That Talked

The Drawing That Talked Story

Pinty Taylor was a little boy who enjoyed going to school and doing things other than painting and writing. Using brushes and pencils wasn’t easy for Pinty, so his artwork didn’t end happily and he just gave up in disgust. But one-day Pinty found a pencil of such beautiful colors that he could not resist and tried to draw a circle.

As always, things went wrong and he was about to throw away his pencil when his drawing spoke to him. “Pss! You’re not going to leave me like this, are you? Come on, the least you can do is draw me a pair of eyes! Figure said. Pinty was shocked, but he managed to draw two small spots inside the circle.

“Much better, now I see myself,” said Krug, looking around himself … “Aaaah! But what have you done to me?! “I’m not good at drawing,” Pinty said, trying to justify herself. “Okay, no problem,” interrupted his drawing, “I’m sure if you try again, you’ll do better.” Come on, rub me!” So Pinty erased the circle and drew another one.

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Like the first, it was not very round. ‘Hey! You forgot about the eyes again!” “Oh yeah”. “Hmmm, I guess I’ll have to teach you how to draw until you can do me well,” said Krug in his quick, raspy voice. Pinty, almost paralyzed from shock, didn’t think it was a bad idea, and he immediately found himself drawing and erasing circles.

The circle did not stop saying: “Wipe it, but carefully; It hurts”, or “Draw my hair, quickly, I look like a lollipop!” and other funny remarks. After spending almost the whole day together, Pinty could already draw a small figure much better than most of his classmates.

He enjoyed it so much that he didn’t want to stop painting with this crazy new teacher. That night before going to bed, Pinty heartily thanked his new teacher for teaching him how to draw so well. “But I didn’t do anything, stupid!”

Little Drawing replied in his usual quick manner. “Can’t you see that you train a lot and enjoy it all the time? I bet you’re doing this for the first time!” Pinty thought. The truth was that he used to be so bad at drawing because he never rehearsed for more than ten minutes at a time and always did it angrily and reluctantly

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No doubt what the little drawing said was correct. “Okay, you’re right, but thanks anyway,” Pinty said, and before going to bed he carefully placed the pencil in his school bag. The next morning, Pinty jumped out of bed and ran to look for his pencil, but he was not there.

He searched everywhere, but there was no sign of it. And the sheet of paper on which he had drawn a small figure, though full of erased characters, was completely empty. Pinty became worried and did not know if he had really spent the previous day talking to the little man, or if he had dreamed it all.

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So, to try to settle this matter, he took a pencil and some paper and tried to draw a little man. It turned out very well, except for a couple of torn lines. He imagined his overbearing little teacher telling him to round those edges and that it looked like he was trying to give it spots. Pinty gladly erased these pieces and redrawn them.

He realized that the crazy little teacher was right: it didn’t matter if you had a magic pencil or not; All you had to do to get things done was keep trying and enjoying it. From that day on, whenever Pinty tried to draw or paint or do anything else, he always had fun imagining the result of his work, protesting in front of him and saying, “Come on, my friend, make me a little better than this.”

” I can’t go to a party like this!”

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