Pick Your Friends Carefully

Pick Your Friends Carefully Story

Long ago, in the dense forest, there lived a lion. His faithful servants were the leopard, the jackal, and the crow.

One day, a crow noticed a strange creature approaching them. He flew back to his friends and said: “Someone unusual is coming here. We must be careful.”

“I am the king of the jungle,” said the lion. Why should I be afraid? Let’s go and meet him.”

When they saw the animal, everyone was surprised. They had never seen such a creature with long legs and a large hump on its back. “Who is this and what is he doing in my jungle?” the lion asked.

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“I am a Camel,” He said. “I was part of a trading caravan. I’m lost. Please help me!”

Out of pity, the lion asked him to stay with them. The other three were not happy, but they had to respect the wishes of the lion.

Past days. Once a lion got into a big fight with an elephant. The lion was badly wounded and was too weak to hunt.

His servants were too lazy to hunt and feed the lion. The jackal took the crow aside and said, “Friend, why don’t we kill the camel and eat.”

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“No doubt it’s a great idea, but how? Our Lord Promised Him Protection, said, Raven.

Together they developed a secret plan to kill the camel. With tears in their eyes, they went to the lion. “There is no food in the forest, my lord,” said the cunning crow, “but I ask you to eat me.”

“No, your body is too small to satisfy the hunger of my Lord,” said the Jackal, demonstrating his devotion. “Let me sacrifice myself. This is the least I can do for my Lord.”

The leopard stepped in and said, “Oh my God, I’m bigger than my friends. So let me give my life to save yours.”

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All this while the camel listened silently, He thought, “Let me oil myself too.”

Expecting the support of his friends, the camel said, “My friends, you have been serving our Lord for many years.”

“It will be difficult for the Lord to kill one of you. Will you all allow me to propose myself?”

The camel then stepped forward and asked the lion to eat it for dinner that day.

At the same moment, the jackal and the leopard attacked the camel and tore it to pieces.

Pick Your Friends Carefully Moral

It is wise to choose your friends carefully.

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