The Goat And The Ass

The Goat And The Ass Story

A man once had two animals. The goat and the goat were jealous of A. because the donkey could eat a lot of food. One day.

The goat said to the donkey: “I feel sorry for you! One moment you have to work in a mill, and the next moment you have to carry a heavy burden on your back.

Why don’t you fall into a ditch and pretend to be sick? This way you can get some rest. The stupid ass did it. But he was badly injured after falling into a ditch.

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His owner called a doctor, who advised rubbing the donkey’s wounds with the lungs of a goat. A farmer killed a goat to cure his ass.

Thus, mistakenly advising the donkey. The goat brought its own death. You should never be jealous of other people.

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