My Little World Has Broken

My Little World Has Broken Story

Once upon a time, there was Spring, who lived happily and safely in a paddock. Although he heard a lot of noises coming from outside, he lived believing that nothing good happened outside of his world inside the corral.

Even the thought of leaving his pen terrified him so much that he was quite content to have spent his life squeezing and stretching himself over and over again inside this tiny space.

However, one day the ink ran out, and while the owner of the pen was busy replacing it, an accident occurred. The spring was thrown into the air and landed in the toilet drain, out of sight. Terrified and cursing her bad luck, Vesna flushed pipe after pipe, each time thinking that this could be his end.

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During the journey, he dared not open his eyes out of sheer fear. He also didn’t stop crying. Carried away by the water, he traveled farther and farther until he ended up in the river. When the current of the river lost its strength, and Spring saw that everything had calmed down a little, he stopped crying and listened around him.

Hearing the birds singing and the wind in the trees, he felt encouraged to finally open his eyes. What spring saw was the clear, crystal waters of the river, the rich green of the rocks of the river bed, and all sorts of colorful fish whose skin seemed to dance in the sunlight.

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Now he realized that the world was much more than the space inside the pen, and that there were always many things outside waiting to be enjoyed.

After spending some time playing with the fish, he went to the bank of the river and then moved on to the flower field. There He heard weeping. He followed the sound, which led him to a beautiful flower that had been flattened by the rabbit and could no longer stand upright.

Spring realized that she could help the flower, so she offered her support. The flower accepted and slipped through in the middle of spring. There they lived happily together. And they will always laugh, remembering how spring thought that all that is in life is a sad and terrible spring.

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