Papa Please Get The Moon For Me

Papa Please Get The Moon For Me Story

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Shruti. One night, before going to bed, Shruti looked out the window and saw the moon. The moon seemed so close.

“I wish I could play with the moon,” thought Shruti and reached out to her, But no matter how she reached out, she could not touch the moon.

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“Daddy,” Shruti said to her father, “please get me the moon!” Dad has a very long staircase.

He was carrying a very long ladder to a very high mountain. Then dad put a very long ladder to the top of a very high mountain. Up and up and up he climbed. Finally, dad got to the moon.

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“My daughter, Shruti would like to play with you, but you are too big!” Dad said.

“Every night I get a little smaller. When I’m the right size, you can take me with you, said the moon.

Indeed, the moon was getting smaller and smaller and smaller. When the moon was just the right size, Dad took it. He went down and down and down.

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“Here!” Shruti’s dad said. I have the moon for you. Shruti jumped and danced with the moon.

She hugged the moon and threw it into the air. But the moon got smaller and smaller and smaller And finally disappeared altogether.

Then, one night, Shruti saw the thin silver streak of the moon reappear. Each night the moon grew and grew and grew until it reached its original size. She was happy to see the moon in the sky again.