A Fox And A Crane

Contents Of The Story

A Fox And A Crane Story

Once the fox and the crane became friends. So, Fox invited the crane to dinner. The crane accepted the invitation and at sunset reached the Fox.

The fox made soup for his girlfriend. But, as we all know, foxes are naturally cunning, he served soup in flat bowls.

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So, he himself rubbed his tongue against the share of the crane, enjoying it. But a crane with a long beak could not enjoy it in any way, and he had to return home hungry. The shrewd Fox felt extremely surprised.

A few days later, Crane invited the fox to dine with him. The fox got to her place in time.

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The crane greeted him warmly and served the soup in a jug with a long and narrow neck. So, the crane enjoyed the soup with great pleasure using its long beak.

The fox could not reach the soup through the narrow neck of the jug. He had to return home hungry.

Now he realized that he was paid for his behavior with the crane.

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