Knowledge Short Story

A Long Time Ago There Lived A Scientist Who Had To Cross A Huge River. It Was A Long Slow Journey, And The Scientist Soon Became Bored, He Called The Boatmen – Let’s Talk About The Boatman.

What Languages ​​Did You Learn About Grammar And Phonetics, He Asked, Introducing The Topic Into Which He Has Great Experience. The Boatman Shook His Head. No, Sir – He Replied Politely. I Don’t Need Such Tools.

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Which Is A Pity, The Scientist Said Rather Condescendingly You Spent Most Of Your Life, It Is Important That Everyone Knows The Rules Of The Language.

Later A Storm Broke Out The Wind Swirled The Water In Turbulence, A Small Boat Was Thrown And Hit On A Huge Rock. The Boatman Said Forgive My Simple Mind, Which Must Seem Dull To You, But Tell Me Wise, Do You Know How To Swim ?

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Scientist Shook His Head, I’m Afraid Not A Boatman, I Was Always Lost In Thought, In That Case, Sir You Wasted Your Life Too, Alas My Boat Is About To Sink.

Knowledge Short Story Moral

In Life, Our Perception Of Strangers Often Reveals More About Us Than A True Stranger. There Are Always Different Views On Knowledge, And Sometimes This Simple Wisdom Is Better Than Pure Intelligence.

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You Don’t Know Their Future, And Besides, You Would Not Want To Be Looked Down Upon, Because There Is Always Someone Wiser Than You.