How The Crows Became Black

How The Crows Became Black Story

A long time ago, the crow was a white bird. Next door to him lived an owl who had a dye shop. The crow was fascinated by the multitude of flowers. He flew to the owl store and asked if he could paint his white body. “I want to be the most beautiful bird in the world,” he said. The owl agreed and asked him to come the next day.

Now the owl was a little blind, but was too vain to wear glasses. While mixing paints for the crow, instead of lilac, he poured black. The crow flew in early the next morning. “Where are you!” said the owl. Your colors are ready. Just dive into this pool of water.” The crow dived without wasting time. But alas! When he came out, he saw that he was dark in color.

He seethed with anger and croaked at the owl, “Why did you make me black? Wait for me to catch you! The frightened owl flew away and came out only at night, when the crow was sleeping. Since then, crows are black, and owls fly out only at night.

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