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Clear Your Vision

One Married Couple Moved To A New Apartment. In The Morning, The Wife, Waking Up, Looked Out The Window And Saw A Neighbor’s Woman Who Was Hanging Clothes To Dry.

She Said To Her Husband – Look At Her Dirty Laundry.

But He Continued To Read The Newspaper And Did Not Pay Attention To Her Words.

Perhaps She Has Bad Soap Or She Doesn’t Know How To Wash, She Needs To Be Taught !
And Every Time A Neighbor Hung Up The Laundry, The Wife Wondered How Dirty It Was.

One Morning She Looked Out The Window And Shouted – Oh! Today The Linen Is Clean. Probably, The Neighbor Has Finally Learned To Wash !

“No, It Is Not So” – Answered Her Husband,

“Today I Just Woke Up A Little Earlier And Washed The Window.”

Moral Of The Story

Before You, Point Finger To Other Make Sure Your Vision Is Clear.

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